March 2019 Superintendent Monthly Memo

Dear Staff Members, Despite some initial concerns very early this morning, we were able to safely have a full day of school today and our last day of school remains  Thursday June 13, 2019 .  If we have any additional snow days they will be added to the calendar.   However the end is in sight, with winter “officially” being over.   The end of next week looks like we will see several days above 50 (insert happy dance music here)! As a reminder  next year’s school calendar  is on the website for planning purposes. 1.       School Building Committee update 1. Please remember the vote for the building project is  Saturday April 6 th  at each towns polling station.  The polling station locations are on the school website.  It is critical that every person gets out to Vote! 2.  The formal vote by the MSBA to approve the project in terms of schematic design and budget as being voted on April 6 th  in the seven towns is on April 10 th  in Boston at the MSBA.    3. There have been se

February 2019 Superintendent Monthly Memo

Dear Staff Members, I hope everyone had a good week and is looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Below are some updates included in the monthly memo that may be of interest.  1.        School Building Committee update 1.        The next School Building Committee meeting is on Thursday February 14 th .  At that time the School Building Committee will vote to approve the budget for the Wahconah High School Project.  This is a very important piece of the process. The School Committee will also vote on this that evening as well.  This will be the budget that will be the basis eventually for the April 6 th  vote.  Please remember the vote for the building project is Saturday April 6 th  at each towns polling station.  The polling station locations are on the school website.  It is critical that every person gets out to Vote!                                                1.        Here is a link to the Dalton Selectboard Meeting on Monday February 4 th  where the Selectboard vo

January 2019 Superintendent Monthly Memo

Welcome back from what was hopefully a restful break! As we celebrate our second new year, the first of course being the opening of the school year in the world of education, I hope you are looking forward to a great new calendar year in education! Budget Updates The Superintendent’s Budget will be officially presented to the full School Committee on January 10, 2019.  After it is presented it becomes the School Committee’s budget until it is formally adopted in March of 2019.  I will be attending a staff meeting in each school over the winter to go over the budget in detail.  MSBA Update The vote for the School Building Project will take place on Saturday April 6, 2019 . There will be community evenings to discuss the building project on the following dates: March 5th 5-6:30 at Wahconah followed by 7-8:30 at Windsor Town Hall (snow date March 19th) March 7th 5-6:30 at Kittredge followed by 7-8:30 at Becket (snow date March 21st) Please contact Laurie Casna or Aaron Robb

December 2018 Superintendent Monthly Memo

D ear Colleagues, I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. I know with all of the happiness during this time of the year it can also be a challenging time for students, staff and families. It is all the more important we take care of ourselves to be as present as possible for our students. Believe me I know that is easier said than done! While it is not easy it is critical to our success in any role, so try to remember to get your own oxygen mask on! I look forward to being in classrooms this month to visit with students and staff please do reach out if there is something specific you would like me to visit for. Also these memos are intended to provide you with ongoing information about logistical on goings in the district each month. Please give me if there is additional information you are interested in that is not currently here. Laurie Budget Updates The Preliminary Budget will be presented to the Finance Sub-Committee of the School Committee in December. The Sup

November 2018 Superintendent Monthly Memo

Dear Colleagues, I hope your fall is going well! I have had the opportunity to be in all of the schools and look forward to visiting more classrooms.  I want to thank Colleen Trager, Grade 5 at BW for recently not only welcoming myself but the entire admin team and two of our Content Coordinators into her classroom to observe coaching from Patty Robie in real time.  We are so appreciative of you helping us to learn by making your learning public! The month of October is Principals’ Month as many of you know! I know many of you already have but please join me in thanking the five amazing principals we are fortunate to have leading the schools in CBRSD.  Thank you to Aaron, Annie, Debbie, Kathy and MaryKay. Also the summer/fall newsletter is available.  It is linked here and is available on the school website under the Superintendent’s Page. Please take some time to read about happenings in the district. The next issue will be out this winter.  If you have a suggested topic or som

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year Families!

Welcome Back to the 2017-18 School Year!